Alternate Reality Check

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Alternate Reality Check

For Mobile Storytelling, a course on how to tell location-based narratives, I created a story about a group of friends on Southern Polytechnic State University's campus who happen upon a strange event and begin exploring the campus to see if they can discover an explanation. I was inspired to write this story because of a real life event that happened where me and some of my friends were walking near the Student Center and started having a conversation about how many flag poles were in front of the building, because for whatever reason, some of us remembered there being differing numbers of flag poles than what we could clearly see in front of us. This was written in ARIS, an open source application in the Apple Store that is used for creating interactive stories using GPS and other tools.

In order to play this game, a web & GPS enabled Apple phone or tablet is required. Download ARIS from the Apple App Store and search for The Lost Peace Incident to play. Has to be played on the Kennesaw State University Marietta Campus.

Skills Used