Be Fashion Forward, Not Fashion Forged

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Be Fashion Forward, Not Fashion Forged

An article layout that I created for Media, Culture & Society. The idea of the project was to create something that was related to Maija Isola, a Finnish designer who worked for Marimekko, a Finnish pattern company, for forty years of her life as a head textile designer and helped make it the world famous company that it is now. I wrote a fake fashion magazine article about a stream of forgery crimes that warned readers about how to tell the difference between the forgeries, while also giving factual information about Isola and Marimekko in the article. The layout uses aspects relating to Isola and Finland to tie it together.

If you'd like to see the PDF of the article layout, click here, and if you're interested in viewing a bit of the process on how I came to create this particular idea, click here. This is actually a revision of the original piece, so there were comments and suggestions for how I should have done this iteration from my peers, which is explained in the process piece.

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