Imagine Music Festival 2016: Media Tour

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Imagine Music Festival 2016: Music Tour

As the Tech Editor of KSU Lifestyle and The Sting, I was given the opportunity to go to the 2016 Imagine Music Festival with a Media pass. While I was there, I managed to get an interview with Leah Culver, one of the many DJs who was performing that weekend and was also able to go onstage and take many photographs of the event. I wrote up three articles on the festival: the interview with Leah Culver, my reflection of the experience I had at the festival and an article on the kinds of software potential music producers and DJs could use to help them get into the music industry. These were all published on the KSU Lifestyle website and I used Twitter to get the articles to readers outside of the university, since the information I wrote about could interest anyone, not just college students. Leah Culver later retweeted my post to her Twitter account.

To read any of the articles and the interview, visit KSU Lifestyle, and to see the Twitter post that Leah Culver retweeted, click here.

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