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north wind /nôrTH wind/ n. a wind blowing from the north, often signifying seasonal change

Salutations, from Henry North! I am a Digital Content Creator with a degree in Writing & New Media from Kennesaw State University; I also took additional coursework within the Computer Game Design & Development major. My degree has assisted me in working as a freelance writer and novelist and I would like to eventually pursue a career in many different fields to expand and use my skills, such as copywriting, journalism and game writing/storyboarding. I love reading, writing, researching, music, gaming of all kinds, and stretching the limits of my creativity.

As a content creator, I devote my time to creating many different works of art through the content I put on the page. Regardless of whether it's a work of creativity, technical writing, blogging or anything in between, I swiftly change my style to fit the context. My brand is North Winds Writing, because like a north wind, I am always altering and adapting my skills to create the best written material possible.