Welcome, Wayward Travelers {About Me}

Hello, Henry North here. I am a Digital Content Creator with a degree in Writing & New Media from Kennesaw State University; I also took additional coursework within the Computer Game Design & Development major. My degree will assist me in starting as a freelance writer and novelist, and then once I get far enough in those fields, I would like to try to enter the game design field as a game writer/storyboarder. I love reading, writing, researching, music, gaming of all kinds, and stretching the limits of my creativity.

Personality-wise, I am categorized in the Myers-Briggs Personality Test as both INTJ-A and INFJ-A. I strategically use both logic and emotion when approaching any situation, so I have a broad range of opinions on pretty much everything. According to StrengthsQuest, my “Signature Themes”, or the talents that are the most naturally strong within me, are Ideation (loves the concept and creation of ideas), Input (inquisitive and loves collecting), Intellection (loves exercising the brain with mental activity),  Empathy (the ability to feel and understand the emotions of those around you) and Adaptability (the ability to respond to the demands of the moment on a whim).

This blog is a space for all of my musings and analyses on the subject matter of rhetoric, media and its relation to narrative, and all other arbitrary writings I may decide to create. As a fair warning, the content will be unrated, because how can you truly discuss rhetoric without involving everything it has a hand in? I will try my best to provide my readers with thought provoking and interesting content.

So, come along and grab your sail. Let Boreas guide you through this intellectual journey.


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