The Final Whirl: A Reflective Narrative

Well, this is it, guys. This journey through the teachings of small group communications (or digital collaborations, whichever you choose to call it) has finally come to its last stop. We’ve learned a throughout this adventure, though, haven’t we? As we read through A Systems Approach to Small Group Interaction, we developed a lot of […]

A Universal Education

Guess what? The semester is coming to a close, and I have yet another group project to share with you all. This time around, I participated in a Group Community Action Project, where we had to create some sort of event that we would get the community involved in. For our project, we decided to […]

Creator-Community Symbiosis: The Culture of Gaming

As a member of the culture of gaming I have to agree with John Banks when he states that “The success of media enterprises such as games developers may rely on effectively combining and coordinating the various forms of expertise possessed by both professional games developers and creative gamers, not displacing one with the other” in […]

The Analysis of Isaac: Day Three

Yet again, r/bindingofisaac has shown me more layers to their subreddit. Every time I think I’ve seen all the content that people in the community post and talk about, another facet appears for me to view on the next day to help extend my research. Rather than quoting more of Understanding Rhetoric, today’s post will […]

The Analysis of Isaac: Day Two

Ignoring the fact that doing this analysis made me decide to play a run of the game again (don’t judge me), let’s go ahead and discuss what I learned from r/bindingofisaac today! First let’s start by mentioning another lesson spoken through Understanding Rhetoric: “…while writing exists in many spaces, it also moves. It changes shape, form, […]

The Analysis of Isaac: Day One

I’ve always been a huge fan of The Binding of Isaac series made by Edmund McMillen, so much so that I even wrote a game theory article about it at one point. I have put over 104 hours of playtime into The Binding of Isaac and 309 hours of playtime into its sequel, The Binding of […]

Madea Joins The Military

Honestly, at this point, I’m surprised there hasn’t been a Madea movie that had something to do with the military or something related to it, but I digress. Tyler Perry purchased the lands of the very old Fort McPherson back in 2015. He had plans to turn it into a new film studio, where he […]

Move That Boom Mic, I’m Driving Here!

While Atlanta’s recently booming film productions are giving a lot of new life to Atlanta’s economy, it is also changing the lives of locals who have to deal with the constant signs of filming and large equipment set-ups. What once was a glamorous and awe-inspiring industry has left many Atlantans wishing Hollywood would stay in […]