The Intonation of the Soul

Music is a strong rhetorical device that surrounds us nearly every day of our lives. It excites the senses, comes in a variety of flavors and appeals to people differently based on their tastes; sounds kind of like ice cream, doesn’t it? Unlike ice cream, a person’s musical choices can tell a lot about them, […]

What Do You Meme, “This Title Is Stupid”?!

Horrible puns aside, when I first started taking notice of memes on the internet, it probably wasn’t until I was in college and actually used the internet for more than just school work, games and YouTube videos. For the most part, the entire subject of memes is an interesting one, because it is intriguing how […]

Adverts Across Time & Rhetoric

Whenever a product comes out, the company associated with it tries to have their marketing division do their best to create advertisements to not only make the public aware of the product, but they also do this to increase sales. Normally the advertisements use logos to appeal to the needs of the consumer, but will also […]

Kairos Vs. Zoe Quinn: Round 1, Fight!

Everybody wants to be famous, right? You’ve had your dreams of being known worldwide, maybe because of your singing career, that one book series or game that you published, or maybe even for being an overnight Twitter sensation. You want the fans and recognition, the money and most of all, a life in the lap […]