A Universal Education

Guess what? The semester is coming to a close, and I have yet another group project to share with you all. This time around, I participated in a Group Community Action Project, where we had to create some sort of event that we would get the community involved in. For our project, we decided to do something to help make a difference and decided to work with the Kennesaw State University’s C.A.R.E. Center to run a Textbook Drive. The object of the Drive was to collect donations of textbooks to help the homeless students who attend our university. The people at C.A.R.E. were thrilled when we came to them about the proposition of doing such a thing, because they had wanting to do something similar for a while now, but didn’t have the manpower to do so. The project itself was different from most projects I’ve ever done, because it focused on the processes, the things we did to get the Drive up and running, rather than the results. As part of the project we created a Facebook page that would help raise awareness for what it was we were doing. The project was a success, and seeing how we managed to get people to help support really warmed my heart. It was a wild ride getting the entire thing together, though. You can check out the report that we put together for the project here, and down below are the two infographics we created to go with the project. We also created a nice, little PSA to quickly inform people how they can participate.


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