Welcome Back!

Hello to all of my viewers (that don’t actually exist. I should probably work on that… Anyway, ) and welcome back to another exciting semester of blogging. I know it’s been kind of dead around here for a while, but your grand content creator is back to serve more critical thinking and observations on the world around him. This time around we transfer our focus from Media & Narrative ¬†and Digital Rhetoric (which, to be fair we can never really leave, because rhetoric is everywhere ;P ) to the subjects of Digital Collaboration and New Media Writing. As it was in the past, this blog will be updating weekly, so expect more content to come pouring in soon. For all of our new viewers who are just joining us, don’t be afraid to look back over my previous work and indulge yourself in the ideas that I have previously put forth on the table.

Again, thank you all for being so patient. Now let’s start off this new semester of blogging on a swift gust!

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