Lights, Camera, Rhetoric!

I have traveled far and wide, looking for the perfect subject to capture in my masterpiece. What might that be, you ask? The simple answer is a blockbuster film that I plan on creating. My magnum opus is a story about the images that affect our everyday lives, but as they are so commonplace, they are always overlooked; but they continue to guide our way and sometimes protect us, without any thanks or gratitude. I decided it was time the world shed some light on their greatness. I looked in every nook and cranny, and it finally hit me that my stars for the performance were right in front of me; I discovered them all right where I work, at an AMC Theater. The following three were the ones who didn’t make the final cut in editing, but that doesn’t make them any less important than the others.

A constant promotion to entice guests into a satisfying proposal.
A constant promotion to entice guests into a satisfying proposal.

Our first actor on stage is great at relaying information, and is aptly named Re Lay. His rhetorical strategy relies on the reader drawing true meaning from his words and getting them to apply that meaning when they attempt to purchase products at the Marketplace. It is thanks to Mr. Lay that the theater can continue to make revenue on selling large quantities of popcorn and beverages. His power to give the people what they want in an informative sense is key to making businesses like this one prosper. However, Lay’s words can sometimes go ignored by the greedy and the criminal, and it is completely out of his control. Right behind Lay, you may be able to see the beverage machine in plain view. That machine is freely used by anyone who has purchased a drink, and because Lay cannot watch over every user of the machine, sometimes people grab refills on small and medium size drinks. Lay is great, but sometimes his message screams too loudly.

A constant reminder that is necessary to keep everyone safe.

Next, we have the beautiful and lovely Connie Tation, a fine actress whose connotative senses keeps a watchful eye over us all. She provides all who enter the theater with a sense of comfort and protection. After recent events that occurred in a theater, people have been wary and frightened to come into movie theaters everywhere that do not have constant surveillance by security guards. Ms. Tation’s a protector of the peace and has relieved the worries of many with her presence and her assistance to security. While she normally conveys a protective likeness to most, she also likes to signal a warning to those who wish harm on their fellow men. She has the law on her side, and is not afraid to convict a felon if they dare try to pass by her with a weapon of any kind. Connie Tation is truly a grand woman and her service should be respected by all.

A sign dedicated to explaining Cobb County's 10:00 PM curfew time.
A sign dedicated to explaining Cobb County’s 10:00 PM curfew time.

Our final actor from the uncut film goes by his stage name of “DeAr”, and he is just as resourceful as the rest of the cast. DeAr’s main objective in his acting career is to play roles that will allow viewers to come up with strong deductive arguments. Take the sign on the left for example; if anyone reads this, it can broken down quite simply. All people who are under 18 cannot be at this place of business after 10:00 PM, unless with a legal guardian of 21 or older. Let’s say I was 16 (which I am not, for the record), and was here by myself. I as a 16 year old cannot be at this place of business without a legal guardian of 21 or older and should leave. This example can of course be flipped to show that people who are 18 and older can go through the same deductive reasoning to figure out that it is okay for them to stay on the premises. Like Ms. Tation, DeAr is useful in trying to protect people, because children should not be out late without supervision because anything could happen to them.

These are just a few of the magnificent people I have found to play a role in my fantastical new screenplay, The Rhetoric of Us. I hope you all will enjoy it when it releases in theaters later this year. Make sure you watch it in IMAX or RealD 3D for the best experience possible!

Edit: Here is the movie you’ve all been waiting for! I am pleased to present The Rhetoric of Us, a screenplay directed and produced by The Boreas Acting Company:

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  1. I like how you portrayed your pieces of visual rhetoric as actors in a movie. It was creative. In the first picture, I noticed that the word large is written bigger the first time than the second time. I guess it is their way of emphasizing that you must get a large to get a free refill. By making that word stand out, it seems like they are putting the conception of large in your mind. It appears to be an effective advertisement.

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