The Revisiting Gale

Like all things, this chapter of the journey must end. But it was not without learning many useful techniques and skills along the way. Going all the way back to the very first blog post I made, when I was only a wee start up and just beginning to grasp the concept of rhetoric and what it meant, I think I have made many great strides since then and truly believe that “rhetoric is in almost everything.”

As a rhetorician, I appreciate the persuasive appeals more now than I did when I first learned about them in grade school. I have learned how to be creative with how I use my rhetorical skills, but I also understand that those skills must be used respectfully and not to cause any trouble. After this course, I plan on continuing to develop my skills as a rhetorician, and continue to seek out the rhetoric of every situation. This will definitely help me in my pursuit of becoming a journalist.

There isn’t much I have to reflect on. I like to have my work speak for itself, as markers of the progress I’ve made and of the future I will continue to pave.

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