The Analysis of Isaac: Day Three

Yet again, r/bindingofisaac has shown me more layers to their subreddit. Every time I think I’ve seen all the content that people in the community post and talk about, another facet appears for me to view on the next day to help extend my research. Rather than quoting more of Understanding Rhetoric, today’s post will be piggybacking off of quotes I extracted during Day One and Day Two of this analysis.¬†Anyway, let’s get on with today’s update!

Starting with the daily Item Workshop discussion, I noticed that it actually changed today to instead be a “Mechanic Workshop“, where they discuss a specific mechanic within the game and talk about how it could possibly be better. Similar discussion focus, different aspect of the game, but this still shows how writing can change form and also function while maintaining its previous core ideas. Moving on, there is a lot more fan art on display today on the subreddit’s front page than what I’ve seen previously. Maybe they have a “Fan Art Friday” thing that they do? That would require some further analysis over the course of a week, so maybe that’ll be a project for some other time. A couple of pieces that I am a fan of include this comic, this set of images and gifs, and this minimalist poster; each of these pieces show a radical revision of the genre that they are based on, and places it within the bounds of new sub-genres within the rhetorical space. There seem to be quite a few links to YouTube videos on the subreddit today as well, which is making it more media based than the last two days, where most of the front page of the subreddit consisted of discussion posts. I’m also just noticing that they have a link in their sidebar that shows people how to put item icons in their chat posts, which is sort of neat, because it allows for the medium of writing to be changed in a way that better suits the needs of the rhetoric of the community. I’m quite happy to say that there is still no negative communication going on in the subreddit; the community seems to stay constantly friendly and supportive.

I guess at this point, I should probably mention that at the time of writing this, 78,911 redditors are subscribed to r/bindingofisaac, which has been a Reddit community for five years now, and 271 users were logged in and viewing the subreddit. This is more than Day One‘s users which was in the 70s and I don’t recall yesterday’s online user numbers (I probably should’ve recorded that data, but it wasn’t something I was thinking about during my first sweep through the subreddit, unfortunately). The current three most up-voted posts on the subreddit have 1,080 votes, 309 votes, and 234 votes. The newest post is a question about the next DLC that is coming out soon. This is the last time that I’ll be posting on my analysis of this¬†particular rhetorical space, but I will definitely be following it more closely from now on; it seems like a cool little oasis on the internet for a pretty dark and twisted game.

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