Educating Atlanta’s Newest Film Industry

Atlanta has been in the process of becoming the next big thing in the realm media over the past couple of years, in the fields of film, television and gaming. Many movies and television series are being filmed in locations that are easily recognized by locals and game developing companies are springing up everywhere in the […]

Could You Spare Some Change For the Good of the Group?

It’s been a long time coming, but we have finally made it to discussing the last section of The Tubbs Model of Small Group Interaction, which is consequences. When we talk about consequences, we’re looking at the “end results” of group interactions, so how the relevant background factors and internal influences of the group came […]

Gaming to Reduce Conflict

Conflict management is something that many groups, teams and organizations have to deal with on a regular basis in order to successfully work together. There are many different approaches to analyzing conflict management, such as verbal judo and Blake and Mouton’s Conflict Grid. But what if I told you that there was a way to […]

Fashionable Decision-Making: Putting On Your Thinking Hat

If one of the many processes for decision-making is called a “brainstorm”, then why don’t we get soaking wet whenever we’re thinking really hard about coming up with an idea? Terrible jokes that I’m going to hate myself for later aside, this week we’ll be diving a little further into The Tubbs Model of Small […]

Haphazard Podcast for Henry’s Project

Hey! Here’s a podcast that I recently did as a radical revision of my Group Observation and Analysis project, which was sort of like a miniature ethnography project where we went out and fleshed out a space without actually participating within it. We did our project on Brunswick Zone Austell, a bowling alley in Marietta. […]

Musical Chairs: Efficient Group Organization

We’ve been talking a lot recently about the inner workings that makes a group able to form, specifically looking at topics like communication processes and relevant background factors. However, these subjects are just gears in the overall structure and the machine still requires a proper frame to function.  So now, let’s turn our focus towards […]

Communicating Among the Factors

When it comes to communication, Stewart L. Tubbs has recognized that there are six relevant background factors that people should keep in mind when working in small groups with others: personality, gender, age, health, attitudes and values. Depending on the situation, these factors have varying importance in how they affect the group dynamic. Understanding how […]