Madea Joins The Military

Honestly, at this point, I’m surprised there hasn’t been a Madea movie that had something to do with the military or something related to it, but I digress. Tyler Perry purchased the lands of the very old Fort McPherson back in 2015. He had plans to turn it into a new film studio, where he […]

Move That Boom Mic, I’m Driving Here!

While Atlanta’s recently booming film productions are giving a lot of new life to Atlanta’s economy, it is also changing the lives of locals who have to deal with the constant signs of filming and large equipment set-ups. What once was a glamorous and awe-inspiring industry has left many Atlantans wishing Hollywood would stay in […]

Educating Atlanta’s Newest Film Industry

Atlanta has been in the process of becoming the next big thing in the realm media over the past couple of years, in theĀ fields of film, television and gaming. Many movies and television series are being filmed in locations that are easily recognized by locals and game developing companies are springing up everywhere in the […]